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The JIB has issued a new set of Industry Working Rules. These Rules contain information on: Scheme of Grading Definitions and Conditions, Annual and Public Holidays with Pay Scheme, Industry Sick Pay Scheme, National Working Rules and Apprentice Training Scheme.

A copy can be downloaded by clicking on the Working Rule book below or alternatively printed copies are available from the JIB offices (T 0131 556 0600) or by downloading and completing the order form opposite.


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Graded Rates of Wages and Allowances 2013-2015

The Scottish & Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board for the Plumbing Industry (SNIPEF and UNITE) has issued a reminder (16 05 2014) Notice of Promulgation to the Industry regarding the second stage of the 2013-2015 wage and allowances agreement effective from 7 July 2014. The Notice of Promulgation to the Industry can be downloaded opposite.

Northern Ireland operatives should contact their employer or the SNIPEF Office directly for detailed information.

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The SNIJIB National Working Rules (Rule 27) states that those employees who complete the Accredited Certification Scheme for gas course training and assessment must sign the recognised agreement in order that an employer will meet the costs.  An employee who then leaves within a period of three years of completing the training and assessment or is dismissed for gross misconduct, is obligated to repay a percentage of the costs in accordance with the agreed SNIJIB repayment table.
  See downloads for a copy of the JIB Agreement with repayment table.

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The JIB is aware that a number of firms are considering making staff redundant. A copy of the statutory Ready Reckoner which shows the redundancy payments which should be paid depending on age and length of service for those staff made redundant can be downloaded opposite.  A copy of guidance regarding redundancy payments, notice and holiday accrual can be downloaded opposite.

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The JIB is aware that some firms are undergoing TUPE (transfer of undertakings protection of employment). Guidance for individuals on this process can be sourced from the Directgov website here.

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JIB Promulgations

All changes in terms and conditions of employment and SNIJIB National Working Rules will be notified to the Industry via a Notice of Promulgation.

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Working Rules

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