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Important information

Changes to the SNIJIB Grading Card Scheme from 2020

The Construction Leadership Council has announced some important changes which will affect the SNIJIB Grading Card Scheme with effect from 2020 across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

These new rules will apply to existing cardholders.

Renewal of Plumber, Advanced Plumber and Technician Plumber Grading cards.

In line with changes in the Construction Leadership Council’s criteria and in order to retain the industry recognised CSCS logo on SNIJIB Graded cards, individuals wishing to renew their Plumber, Advanced Plumber and Technician Plumber cards must provide evidence of plumbing occupational qualifications.

From 01 January 2021 the SNIJIB will not be able to renew the Plumber, Advanced Plumber and Technician Plumber cards without either the SVQ/NVQ Level 3 Certificate or City and Guilds Certificate in plumbing.

Active registered plumbers wishing to renew their Grading card, who previously qualified under the historic ‘Grandfather Rights’, must achieve and submit plumbing occupational qualifications before the expiry of their current card if they wish to renew the Grading card.

Any individuals who cannot provide evidence of qualifications, then the last opportunity to seek a Grading card will be in 2020 and the card will expire in 2025 (currently Grading cards have a 5 year lifespan).

Please note that as of 2020 the SNIJIB will request copies of all qualifications. This is in preparation of the criteria changes the Construction Leadership Council has set to retain the CSCS logo on the SNIJIB Grading cards.

Does this affect you?

If you are concerned that these changes to the SNIJIB Grading Card Scheme will affect you or your employees please get in touch to find out more: info@snijib.org or 0131 524 1225

Why Register with the SNIJIB?

The SNIJIB is the only provider in Scotland and Northern Ireland of Plumber CSCS cards. Being registered and graded with the SNIJIB:

   - Is proof that you are an industry recognised tradesman. A valid SNIJIB/CSCS card is proof of your skills, qualification and of passing an industry recognised health and safety test

   - Enables you to apply for health and safety tests, health and safety study manuals, CSCS grade cards, upgrades, and other services from the SNIJIB.

   - Means you will be reminded when your card is due to expire provided we have a current email address.

CSCS Grade Cards:

We use a standard card design which can be recognised and used UK wide.



5 Steps to Renewing your SNIJIB CSCS Grade Card:

1. Pass a health and safety test & submit score report/ certificate

2. Provide a portrait photograph

3. Submit Application Form

4. Pay relevant fee

5. Wait for your new card (2-3 weeks)

6. Or if required urgently a FAST TRACK card (2-4 ) working days.


Operatives should provide the correct qualifications and evidence when applying for grade cards. Please see our Registration & Grading Definitions for specific requirements.


Operatives may wish to upgrade their current registered grade with the SNIJIB.

Upgrading may enable operatives to apply for SNIPEF schemes courses or be eligible for a higher rate of pay from employers.

Impact of the Pandemic on sitting the SNIJIB/CSCS H&S test

Due to the pandemic many locations closed and made it difficult to sit the health and safety test. As a temporary measure, the SNIJIB offers the health and safety test to recognised invigilators who can moderate an operative in safe conditions. As a means of supporting the industry, those operatives whose SNIJIB card was due for renewal in March, April or May will have had their expiry date automatically extended by three months. The SNIJIB will regard the SNIJIB card as valid during this period and the Industry is requested to use discretion towards such recently expired cards.

5 Steps to upgrade your current SNIJIB CSCS card:

1. Check to see if you meet the criteria in Registration & Grading Definitions

2. Please provide a signed letter from your employer on headed paper.

3. Provide a portrait photograph

4. Provide proof of a valid health and safety test

5. Pay relevant upgrade fee

Once our SNIJIB Edinburgh office has received all above information, your card will follow within 2/3 weeks.

(*) Please note: If you do not have an employer, you can provide the letter from a company you carry out sub-contracting work for.

First Time Grading:

If you are not registered with the SNIJIB this would qualify as a First time grading.

This means we will need to see proof of your skills/experience via copies of your qualifications, apprenticeship and/or letters of reference from employers.

5 Steps to First Time Grading:

1. Check to see if you meet grading criteria in Registration & Grading Definitions

2. Provide proof of a valid health and safety test

3. Provide copies of any relevant qualifications/ apprenticeship papers

4. Provide a portrait photograph

5. Pay First Time Grading fee

Once our SNIJIB Edinburgh office has received all above information, your card will follow within 2/3 weeks.

Fees from 1st January 2020

SNIPEF or Unite Member

Affiliate Member

Non Member

Grade Card Renewal




Fast Track Grade Card Renewal




Replacement Card




Apprentice Registration




Apprentice Re-registration








First Time Registration & Grading




Apprentice Registration:

The apprentice registration fee will cover the SNIJIB apprentice registration and card, Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship and issue of an individual’s first SNIJIB/CSCS Plumbers Grading Card.

Apprentice Registration (Scotland)

Where the apprentice is funded through SNIPEF Training Services Ltd in Scotland, the charge of Apprentice Registration will be paid by SNIPEF Training Services Ltd.

Apprentice Re-registration (Scotland)

Where the apprentice is funded through SNIPEF Training Services Ltd in Scotland, the charge of Apprentice Re-registration will be paid by SNIPEF Training Services Ltd, if they are still to achieve their Modern Apprenticeship.

Other Fees:



Copies of qualifications/ certificates


Email confirmation of details/ grading


Annual Affiliation Membership


Health and Safety Re-sit


Health and Safety Study Manual



Foreign Qualifications:

We can only accept foreign qualifications that have been translated by NARIC to the Scottish/ UK equivalent.

You can have qualifications translated by contacting NARIC on 0871 3307033 (NARIC charge you for this service).

The SNIJIB will review your request for grading when in receipt of:

  • Application Form
  • Proof of 4 years employment as an apprentice
  • Copies of the equivalent qualification the Modern apprenticeship in Domestic Plumbing SVQ/NVQ level 3


Office Hours:

8am - 4pm (3:30pm Fri)




0131 524 1225


Registration & Grading Criteria

Application Form

Issued Cards:

- Apprentice

- Plumber

- Advanced Plumber

- Technician Plumber

- Heating Fitter

- Gas Service Fitter

- Mechanical Pipe Fitter

- Site Visitor

- General Operative

- Labourer

- Supervisor

- Manager

Plumbing Related Occupations













































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